About Pete


Pete connects easily. With people. With animals and especially - with Spirit. He likes to explore, discover, and manifest for others using his unique psychic abilities and highly successful spirit communication skills. Pete brings an accepting warmth and awareness to his work as a professional psychic and medium. By using a variety of psychic tools he enables his clients to achieve a healthy, balanced, informative and refreshing perception and understanding about their unique life's journey.

Education and Professional Certifications

The Anastasi System of Psychic Development - Levels 1-6

The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Levels 1 - 6 Certified Teacher 

Certificates of Completion

  • The Lisa Williams School 
  • Dead University

Other Courses and Professional Training

  • The College of Psychic Studies
  • Project You, Hay House






Pete's Services for You

Pete offers several psychic and spirit communication options. 

Psychic Readings

Achieve insights and heighted awareness about aspects of your life. 


Spirit Communication

Allow Pete to connect with loved ones who have passed over and provide you with messages and inspiration from beyond the veil.


Health Scans

Overall psychic  body check, helpful before any changes in lifestyle or physical routine .


House & Business Energetic Clearings

Clear previous energy from the environment and feel a new, clean, safe, fresh start to your personal or work space. This makes a real difference that you can actually feel.


Animal Communication 

Achieve better understanding about your animal friends. Pets are family. Allow Pete to help with you gaining more insights or clearer perspectives on what might be going on with pet's or animal's change in behavior.  Pete's ability to hear and share what your pet may be thinking could be the next step in your furry friend's overall well-being.



Missing Persons & Forensics

Psychic assistance for current investigations or cold cases.

Enhance your case files by utilizing Pete's ability to provide more information involved with the aspects of your investigations. Forensic mediumship allows for new perspectives, fresh details and factual validations. Obtain unique insights with this specialized service which gives law enforcement, private investigators and official government agencies the keys to help unlock the secrets surrounding hidden events, lost or missing people, and those in pursuit of justice. Let Pete help you get those answers. Pricing for Missing Persons is $250 per session (5 hrs) -not to exceed 3 sessions.


Contact us

If you would like to book an appointment with Pete, you may use the form or you may also contact him directly below.  

e: pete@psychicpete.net

p: (716) 264-0379

dm: (716) 264-0379

Google Chat: pete@psychicpete.net


Venmo: https://venmo.com/Peter-Smith-431

Zelle: pete@psychicpete.net

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