Personal Reflections on “A Ghost Story”

I recently watched “A Ghost Story”. Written and directed by David Lowery, this 2017 film held my attention to the very end. The end of the movie, is where I begin. Or continue.

I was very curious about the backstory –so I researched the film online and found an interview with David Lowery in which he explains the process and how the script came to be. He talks about how he gathered information and he, himself researched supernatural aspects that appear throughout. David also mentions, (almost in passing) that his creative process while writing contains some of his own personal experiences.

The reason I’m so intrigued by the whole background is simple due the accurate nature and treatment of the subject matter. I asked myself “How could someone produce such a creative, well-balanced, elegant film about a ghost and not have had some underlying understanding and knowledge of the workings of the spirit world and the afterlife?"

How indeed?” Was the director\writer a medium? Or did David perhaps have access to reliable resources that contributed to the script? No. To me, it felt and continues to feel genuinely convincing. Having heard the interview it makes sense that he draws upon his own past experience. Very personal indeed.

The portrayal of the ghost’s behavior makes its own case. To the trained eye, everything rings technically true and while it feels a bit inappropriate to render an opinion, so many of the elements in the film show exactly what one who is undertaking a scientific review or technical analysis of a movie about ghost behavior would include. In specific detail. That’s the icing on the cake.

Everyone has and will forever have their own individual and unique ideas and concepts of ghosts. Who they are - what they do and all the rest. In my experience, that's very normal.

But for someone looking for a clear, dependable albeit reputable expression of the ghosts activity I recommend a slow, careful and honest review of the film.

For me it’s all there. Fascinating, exciting, and insightful are the words that come to mind.

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