The Benefits of A Psychic Consultation

“Oh…I have a quick question.”

“You know,…. I saw this psychic on TV and ….”

“My friend told me something about his reading …”

How often I encounter people in my day to day activities that say these familiar things.

I’ve become accustomed to folks bringing up some aspect of psychic activity or spirit communication during a brief conversation or just in passing. It’s quite natural for people to contribute what they know about some topic in mixed company - among friends, co-workers or family. Being close in proximity by to a psychic medium often triggers some internal mental thought or emotion that jump starts a brief discussion about that person’s life or personal experience or history. The clearest indicator is when a person brings up a deceased family member or loved one. This often happens - right out of the blue!

These stories, as we could call them, are tied to their unique experiences and often form their own personal perspectives about the psychic and spirit communication topics. I have found that sometimes these topics cause conflicts with one’s personal religious beliefs or their familiar and adopted spiritual practices. The point here is that everyone has a different outlook and attitude towards psychic and spirit communication and naturally this effects their individual demeanor on how open and welcoming they remain to discussing it.

It also depends upon how experienced, educated and trained the professional psychic medium is. We must always remember we can lose people if we use too many technical terms or psychic babble which causes confusion and misunderstanding. A responsible psychic medium will try to meet the client on their own terms and strive to communicate effectively, clearly and with understanding and compassion.

It takes a special care and good listening skills to render an explanation, or accurate description or just some encouragement or positive reinforcement. All this is really necessary – which leads to the reason for this blog.


The biggest benefit to a psychic consultation can be best described in one word: sharing.

The opportunity to share information in a private, quiet, uninterrupted environment – either online or over the telephone creates a special space where thoughts and feelings are exchanged in a way that allows the psychic medium to better understand the client’s needs and address any questions or concerns that may arise in the conversation.

Now this may seem very much just common sense but by carving out a dedicated time to speak privately with a psychic medium - folks simply communicate better. Contrast this setting with the one mentioned earlier where the person; maybe your friend or neighbor just mentions something psychic-related in passing, in a casual way and the opportunity for the psychic medium to respond appropriately is lost. There isn’t enough time or privacy or too many distractions occur and other involvements deprive the person of getting a clear understanding or substantial information about the psychic topic that they brought up.

Why does this matter?

Well, bad information can be more harmful than no information. Trying to discuss psychic topics and spirit commination in the workplace, or the bank, the grocery store or in the gym is really not optimal. But believe me – this happens. And people very often want this on-the-fly, ready-made, quick and easy answer.

So rather than try to compete with all the surroundings in a public space the p/m should offer the perspective client the opportunity to connect with them and discuss their psychic interests further. I always carry a business card which has all my contact information and I warmly encourage folks to reach out if they have any questions about what I do or how it all works etc..I try to encourage this rather than continue discussing the psychic or spirit communication topic. And it really works.

It’s ok to maintain the boundaries. For example I refrain from engaging my co-workers in discussions about my own psychic activities at my workplace. And the reason is very clear- it’s simply not helpful. We can’t really have the time or privacy to openly discuss what is so often a personal and serious concern. And more to the point, it’s inappropriate to spend company time talking over sensitive situations. Additionally it can be a lost effort if the conversation is interrupted or overheard – so if and when the psychic or spirit communication topic comes up during the workday or if a co-worker approaches me, then I firmly suggest they contact me after work so that they can enjoy my full attention.

  • Some other benefits: Consultations can help ease the clients mind.

  • Describe the process and what to expect.

  • Develop a plan for the next step.

Finally, psychic mediums are not mental health professionals and therefore must really be willing to refer people with needs other than psychic and spirit communications to qualified licensed mental health professionals. Occasionally, consultations result in nothing more happening for that individual. The person received enough information to allow them to make a decision or a choice. Sometimes, that’s all they needed. Consider that a success!

By investing just a few minutes of quality time for the client in a favorable consultation session the psychic medium can explain, prepare, encourage and help direct the person to their next best option.

I hope this little blog about consultations was meaningful and provides you with benefits of investing time and attention into scheduling those important pre-meetings with your perspective clients.

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