Night Owl - Early Bird .. Squeeze Me In 

A custom-built and accommodating reading option.

Service Description

This very customized reading is designed to obtain as much information as possible. Pete will work with you to determine a mutually convenient time to schedule your session outside the regular days and times. Select this option if you have a specific agenda. Pete provides the most comprehensive pallet of psychic tools - combined with opportunities for in-depth questions and answers on psychic related topics or your own individual psychic development interests.

$40 per hour.







Gallery sessions from living rooms to the performing arts venues. Pete delivers messages to your group - no matter how large or small. The more, the merrier.

$50 per hour (likely not to exceed 2 and a half hours)


Psychic Consultations

Questions, inquires and any concerns related to psychic topics are always welcome. Free of charge. Very often this helps clear up confusion before considering a formal appointment. I have detailed explanation about why pre-booking consultations are important and can be helpful.. Read all about it here.


Anastasi System PD 1-6, Student Practice

Psychic Development Practice Sessions for Levels 1 - 6.

This is only available to students currently enrolled in the Anastasi System. Please contact me or visit if you have any questions about this option are are interested in more information about your own personal psychic development.